Research and innovation are an integral part of Sateco Group's corporate culture. This dynamic has enabled Sateco to strengthen its status as a leader in serving customers and users, by regularly introducing new technologies into its panels to respond to changes in construction sites: reducing deadlines, optimizing costs, ergonomics, safety, etc.

Inclinometer, E-Capt, Sateco Map, etc. Let's take a look at these Sateco innovations that are revolutionizing usage and marking a new milestone towards connected panels.

The inclinometer: a new technology presented at Intermat in 2015

This inclinometer designed by Sateco is based on intuitive technology to easily and safely adjust the alignment of the panels.

In practical terms: Sateco has designed a new inclinometer in which the old plumb line is replaced by a technology that allows you to verify the normality of the formwork panels’ vertical adjustment for concrete walls, with an accuracy of +/- 0.05°. The inclinometer is autonomously powered and can be positioned on the formwork with a magnet so you can use it on any support. 

This initial promise of a connected panel therefore makes it possible to:

The connected pressure sensor (e-capt): an innovation dedicated to great height casting (>7.50 m)

The principle?

Information about the pressure of the concrete on the formwork is automatically transmitted to a tablet in real-time, allowing the site manager to monitor the pouring process remotely and intervene immediately when necessary.

A real plus for improving safety and productivity on construction sites.

SATECO MAP: for real-time geolocated panels

Innovative and connected, Satecomap is in line with the latest Sateco designs: an ever more efficient service to simplify the daily lives of construction professionals and improve their productivity. SatecoMap is a new tool that provides automatic management of equipment fleets, allowing construction companies to save time and optimize their costs thanks to panel geolocation.

The principle of SatecoMap is simple: geolocated sensors are attached to Sateco products (e.g. panels) to transform them into connected objects, capable of providing information on their movements. The positions of the geolocated panels are then centralised on the application for live monitoring of the location and use of the equipment from a distance.

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