Sateco is involved everyday in a responsible innovation that includes environmental, social and economical issues at all levels in its company.

Sateco and the Environment

Respect of the environment is a global commitment important for all the employees of the Group. The factory was carefully structured to avoid waste, each individual behaviour is involved : paper + computer supplies' recycling,...

Here's an example : high dry extract water based painting line
Sateco has invested in an automatic painting line to treat the frames with high dry extract painting and the accessories with powder painting : this innovative solution really reduces air pollutants and emissions of VOC (Volatile Organics Compounds), high level of finition for the formworks and the safety equipments remain.

Local engagement and solidarity

Sateco claims its regional identity (Poitou-Charentes) and is actively involved in the local economical development. It supports social, professionnal and sport activities in the region.

For instance, Sateco supported for 2 years the basket team POITIERS BASKET 86 during its first league years, and organised targeted marketing actions during the basket games. The aim was to share this sport with our customers but above all to develop a parallel between a high level sports team and a company working team, both raised by the challenge.

See the sponsor Sateco Poitiers Basket 86 in video

Respect, integrity and welfare of the employees.

Sateco company has built its development on strong values that still represent the philosophy
of the brand.

The growth rests on respect, transparency but above all the desire to involve all the employees in the great successes
of the company.

One the priorities is also the guarantee and development of employment, with an ongoing investment to
train the employees (welders qualifications, technicals agreements, managements tools, worksites methods,...)

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