Sateco Map

An innotive geolocation tool

Innovated and connected, Satecomap is following in the tradition of Sateco last’s conceptions: an even more efficient service to simplify construction professional’s daily life and improve their productivity.  

Real time located branches

Sateco’s principle is simple: geolocated sensors are fixed on Sateco’s products (branches for branches) to turn them into connected device, able to give information about their moves.

Geolocated branches positions are centralized on the app, to follow up in live the location and use the device remotely.

“The geolocation allows a real time monitoring of the device park, the product’s activities and to prevent equipment maintenance.”

Accurate products location for optimized management

Geolocation allows a real time monitoring of the equipment park and product activities via mapping, but also to identify needs in preventive equipment maintenance.

On customer side, the tool allows a personalized monitoring of their specific data and their work sites, with an immediate overview of their locations using rate.

A connected, intuitive and practical app

Thought in an ergonomic and intuitive way, the app gathers all the information needed to well manage the equipment park: identification data, characteristic, general condition, battery charge level, product movements historic and customers using data.

“The application gathers all needed data to optimize the equipment park management.”

Possible extensions

It is possible to add extensions to the app, as API ones to trigger a transportation service, edit invoices or knowing available equipment on line for location.

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