SAFETY Products
REMAT Plarform

SATECO REMAT Platform is the tool required to store the materials necessary on worksites. It also ensures the safety of the operators .


Technical documentation

View and download data sheets and mounting sheets :

REMAT Plateform :  to store materials in safety.

SATECO REMAT Platform offers an extension of the PRM plateform with :  

  • Standard PRM platform (modules 2F 1900 and 2F 3700)
  • One REMAT platform (module 2F 1900 or 2F 3700)
  • Rear beams
  • Weight support brace bars
  • Ballast
  • Plywood plate 30 mm
  • Ballast and slings extension, in order to balance the REMAT when being lifted (Slings : maximum 3m)

Allowable loads
Movement overloads : 180 daN/m2
Maximum allowable load : 2000 kg

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