The "Take Off" prop is an innovating prop with a great expansion and load bearing capacity : an ergonomic tool exclusively designed for horizontal formworks (slab formwork to be cast in place).

Why use Sateco Plancher "Take Off" prop?

The "Take Off" Prop is a revolutionnary prop with innovating functions...
but also adapted to traditionnal uses.

The "Take Off" Prop is used withprimary and secondary beams of the market for an optimised use to cast the concrete slabs. Formwork and prop traditional floors tools are 100% compatible with the "take off".

The "Take Off" Prop dimensions have been studied to support the load imposed by the concreting.

The "Take Off" Prop is a safe and ergonomic working tool, the shuttering setting height is 1.10m.

Setting the slab on its right position to be cast can be done in one operation with the remote control, all props at the same time with accuracy.

Technical features of the "take off" prop

- height (fork bottom) from 1.10 to 3.60m
- 1 prop for 1sqm
- from 4 to 16 props can be operated at the same time (130sqm,
- 3 different areas can be operated,
- stability with included tripod,
- transport 6 props/rack,
- maximum static load 3 000Kg/prop,
- all props are identical and match per groups
of 4 to 16 upon request,
- manipulation on their wheels (98kg),
- maximum raising load 500kg,
- vertical movement speed 10mm/s
- accurate adjustment,
- energy autonomy of the battery 24v (without wire),
- operation by remote control (4 to 16 props),
- overload detection < 500kg,


Optimized solution for the formworking floors

1. reinforcing safety on worksites

Less components falls from heights thanks to the ergonomic working conditions

- Great reduction of manual handling operations of heavy loads

- the surrounding safety guard rails can be installed in safety conditions before any rising operations of the formwork,

- added power props are automatically spread till the formwork reaches its cast level. They are locked under the bearing beam and thus cannot tilt.

- the "Take Off" device detects overloads and obstacles when the formworks rises

2 - Clever ergonomics for less penibility

- assembling slab formwork (beams and formwork surface) is done at 1.10m

- no operation by the workers is done under the formwork,

- less musculoskeletal disorders since working conditions are highly improved (less use of the arms),

- using the remote control box is simple and intuitive,

- Optimized logistics,packing and transport per rack of 6 props

3 - Maximum effectiveness for a better profitability

- 50% time saving to adjust the formwork at the right height, unshuttering and worksites logistics

- 10 times faster to install the guard rails head of the walls from the formworking structure of the floor.

- The "Take Off" Prop is adapted to the main slabs heights to cast in place (from 1.10m to 4.00m), only one type of equipment for the common practices.

- Automatic regulation when there are speed shifts, during raising operations, also the formwork tool is being adapted when the concrete is being poured and gets dry and hard.

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